About us

SHAANS is a division of SHAA, a media tech company which since 2010 has been involved in the field of visual interaction. For 7 years we have been producing Shoppable Videos that offer high engagement levels and exceptional performance.
In addition, since 2015, acting as an advertising sales agency, SHAA is the first company in Italy to offer interactive mobile formats of advertising.

You see it, you buy it:
the right product
in the right context
for the right user.

Our aim with SHAANS is to help publishers monetize editorial content, increasing its value and its impact on users significantly.
SHAANS has a dual objective: on the one hand offering publishers a completely free source of revenue, and on the other, providing users with an innovative service.
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Top quality partners

Thanks to partnerships with leading technology global players global such as Rackspace and Akamai, SHAANS is synonymous with reliability and top quality.
The service we offer is second to none. All the products recommended by the SHAANS widget are pulled in from the databases of leading online retailers!